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Take your captioning productivity to an entirely new level.

AutoCaption3TM can save you time and make your captioning operations more profitable.

It's captioner designed and tested.  It uses Windows® "new technology."

And, since its native mode is UNICODE, it will open a whole new world of subtitling possibilities.  Truth.

And only Image Logic® has it.

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AutoCaption3 is one of the family of captioning, tape logging and subtitling systems by Image Logic.®



Index to AutoCaption topics


Closed Captioning Defined   ♦  The Captioning Process   ♦  Transcribing
Breakup Captions   ♦  Schedule Captions   ♦  Encoding   ♦  Sample Screen
Types of Captioning   ♦  Subtitling   ♦  Video Subtitling   ♦  DVD Subtitling
Character Generators   ♦  Overlay Generators


AutoCaption II captioning tools section

Captioning Tools  ♦  Proffer  ♦  Reading-Rates   ♦  Smoother   ♦  Non-linear
Sync on Edits   ♦  Sync to Speech   ♦  Ripple   ♦  Previewing   ♦  Foreign Languages
Spell Checking   ♦  Multi-channel Captioning  ♦  Free Encoding Software


Captioning financial considerations

No Add-Ons   ♦  Cost/ROI Assumptions   ♦  Return On Investment   ♦  System Cost
Payback Period   ♦  Fixed Costs   ♦  Variable Costs   ♦  Labor Costs   ♦  Stock Costs
Maintenance Costs   ♦  Make vs. Buy Decision   ♦  Great Technical Support
Free Encoding Software


Captioning technical issues

No Add-Ons   ♦  Great Technical Support   ♦  Minimum Computer Requirements
Full System Requirements   ♦  Operating Systems   ♦  Captioning Hardware List
Caption Inserters   ♦  Reading Time Code   ♦  Connection Diagram   ♦  DVD Authoring
Free Encoding Software   ♦  Easy Updating


AutoCaption II and DynaCaption II captioning software and help files download area

Download Center   ♦  Download Cook Book   ♦  Downloading - What to do
Downloading - Saving the Package   ♦  Download DynaCaption II   ♦  DynaCaption Helps
Download AutoCaption II   ♦  AutoCaption Helps   ♦  Encoder Vendors   ♦  Free Stuff




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